The Black Hills

They’re Back

When I was a kid, sitting in school this time of year was torture. Being forced to pay attention to history lessons and math problems felt like punishment. The classroom windows were open and the […]


Furby Mom

Years ago, the retirement of the pet rock marked the end of an era. No longer were children interested in such simplicities; they were moving on to bigger things like video games, smartphones and electronic […]

The Black Hills

We’re Expecting

It’s springtime in the Black Hills and I’m excited to announce that the couple next door is expecting. Just a few, short yards from my office window is a birdhouse that my dad built and […]

The Black Hills

Spring Fever: Cured

The Hills are alive with the sound of springtime. French Creek is babbling, the birds are singing in tune and the squirrels outside my window are chattering like a couple of furry auctioneers. The first […]

The Black Hills

Breakfast at The Bull

Diet and nutrition experts say that when you’re changing habits in attempt to eat healthy and lose weight, you should allow yourself one meal per week to indulge. Hurray for me! Breakfast. Sunday morning. Buglin’ […]