The Walls Have Ears (and beady eyes)

Animated mice are adorable. I’m especially fond of Mickey, Speedy Gonzales and that little scoundrel from the Tom and Jerry cartoons.   However, not one of these lovable characters came to mind yesterday, when a mouse […]


Lisa’s Hobo Spiders

Today, in casual conversation with my friend, Lisa, she used the S-word and I was appalled.  I found her language offensive and inconsiderate, but I continued to listen as she spoke. “Hey did I tell […]

That's Life

Memories In My Pocket

When I was in grade school, my friends and I walked and biked everywhere. Because we had to. That’s how kids in a small town got from point A to point B – either hoof […]

The Black Hills

Life is Sweet in Custer, SD

I have a confession to make. I’m a cheater. Today, I cheated big time, and I don’t even care. Was it worth it? Definitely.  I think I even fell in love it little. That’s right. […]


Remember Y2K?

I found this column in a scrapbook – I wrote it in December, 1999. As I read it, I remembered the hype around the “collapse of technology.” The world didn’t turn inside out at the stroke […]