That's Life

Photographic Memories

Last week, I ventured into our basement’s “catch all” room and lugged a couple old trunks upstairs. The contents hadn’t been rummaged through in years. Nearly twenty, in fact. I spent the evening going through […]

The Black Hills

Thank You, Custer

Last week, I had the privilege of participating in Books and Bricks – a fundraiser and book signing that benefitted the Custer Veterans Memorial. I walked into the event, unsure of what to expect, but hoping […]

That's Life


There comes a time in life when it’s wise to start listening to that little voice in your head. My voice, (I’ll call her Matilda) has been exceptionally chatty over the past few weeks. I […]

That's Life


Down a dirt road. Into the forest. Creekside. These are the places I go to make sense of it all, when nothing in life seems to make sense. Sometimes it’s impossible to mentally escape the […]

That's Life

Smiling Maya

The little dog bed in my office is empty. It sits next to my desk, and I haven’t had the heart to move it. The other dogs won’t sit in it. It was Maya’s spot. […]